What is the weather like in Mount Kenya?


What is the weather like in Mount Kenya?

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  1. Even though Mt Kenya literally sits on the equator, 4,000 plus meters of altitude makes for some pretty cold conditions. Before making the final ascent, you’ll be sleeping in high altitude camps and it gets very cold there. It’s important that you go prepared for these weather conditions. So, that means bringing a suitable sleeping bag, thermal base layers, fleeces, and protective outer layers.
    The other weather factor that must be considered is the rainy season. Kenya actually has two of them, the short rains (September to October) and long rains (March to June). The long rains can make walking the track difficult due to excess mud along the trail. You can still hike it during this time but it may not be as enjoyable.
    The good news is that it is usually quite sunny on the climb, even during the rainy season the sun does come out again when the rain stops.

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