What is there to do in Moshi?


What is there to do in Moshi?  Is it safe to walk around on my own?

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  1. For those that don’t know, Moshi is a medium-sized town located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. And while the famous mountain might be the main attraction in Moshi, this vibrant town is also the gateway to SO many other beautiful places that will give you a taste of East Africa.
    These include: 

    • Spotting the Big Five on a wildlife safari
    • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro the “Roof of Africa”
    • Finding your inner zen at Lake Chala
    • Learning about Maasai culture
    • Taking a dip at the Kikuletwa Hot Springs
    • Sampling local food
    • Visiting Materuni waterfalls
    • Hiking Mount Meru
    • The Old Railway Station
    • Marangu Village tour
    • Exploring the local Moshi markets
    • Walking with rescued monkeys
    • Volunteering in the community
    • Hopping on a plane to Zanzibar
    • Relaxing by the pool with a beer

    It is safe to walk around the main area of town during the day with valuables well hidden, but it not advised to be walk around at night for your own safety.

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