What items should I bring for my Akagera safari?


What items should I bring for my Akagera safari in Rwanda and or Uganda?

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  1. General: Antiseptic hand washComfortable day Pack for carrying water and some personal itemsSunscreenFlashlightInsect repellentWater proof bags to protect equipmentElectric plug adapters for 240 volts AC 50 Hz – UK style square-pin in plugs are used
    Clothing: It is preferable for you to use soft luggage as space in vehicles is limited. Good walking shoes / bootsSun hat or capSandals or other light shoesWaterproof jacketLighter clothing with layers for eveningWarm clothing for mountainous regionswaterproof walking bootsSunglassesSwimsuit.
    Equipment: Binoculars(water proof ones)Cameras, changes of batteries, several 1GB cards instead of one large one to avoid losing all your photos in case something goes wrong.

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