What kind of Cloth should we prepare for Serengeti and Ngorongoro?


We are a mature couple going on. 7 day safari Serengeti, ngorogoro etc from Arusha in January. Do you have any advice on clothing, drinks etc. We will be staying in good lodges

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  1. Definitely take a safari sun hat (wide brim and with chin strap), dun-colored light-weight fabric (SPF if you can get it) and a scarf or cowl to pull up for dust (esp. if you follow another jeep closely and in the Crater where dust devils can pop up in late afternoon).
    You only need about 3 days’ worth of clothes if you are staying in lodges with overnight laundry … best to travel lightly for small planes and transfers. Drinks are provided by the lodges.
    Avoid black or other dark colored clothes as Tsetse flies (large biting flies)are drawn to them. Take a mix of light weight and warm clothing as starting safari early the mornings it can be chilly so layering is the best approach.
    Also suggest a pair of gloves and a buff. There was always plentiful supply of bottled water both in the lodges (and rented camp) a well as on the land cruiser. Also strongly recommend good binoculars. Hope you have a fantastic trip

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