What kind of clothes to wear in Egypt?


What kind of clothes to wear in Egypt?

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  1. Thanks to the warm weather, light clothes made of cotton, skirts, shorts, short-sleeve T-shirts and blouses, flip-flops and sandals are the best choice. Hats, sunglasses and tanning lotion (with minimum SPF30) are also important.
    It is recommended to stay indoors or in the shade during the noon hours. In winter during the day long pants and a light sweater are enough but in the evening a jacket or a light coat may come handy.
    In the resort towns like Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, there are no rules concerning clothing wear as long as it is in good taste however in larger cities like Cairo, it is recommended to wear clothing that is at least below the knees and covers the shoulders.
    The rules in religious or holy places are even stricter and girls and ladies must cover their heads. Onboard Cassiopeia and Andromeda light, comfortable clothing is acceptable. In the evening a light sweater or cardigan may come handy but during the day bathing suits, shorts and T-shirts are quite acceptable.

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