What makes Zimbabwe special?


What makes Zimbabwe special?

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  1. 3 Things That Make Zimbabwe Unique:

    The southern African nation of Zimbabwe has become one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations, being home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    The growing popularity of Zimbabwe is most likely due to the fact that it offers such visitors the opportunity for many unique experiences. Check out three things that make this country stand out from the rest of the world.
    1. Geography
    Zimbabwe is home to some of the most impressive landscapes in South Africa. A section of Victoria Falls, the 355-foot waterfall, is located here. A hike through the jungle will bring you up close with the stunning views of this incredible landmark that has earned the nickname “Smoke That Thunders.”
    At certain times of the day, a rainbow will appear over the falls, completing the breathtaking vista. Victoria Falls is definitely a can’t-miss attraction for photography enthusiasts and those passionate about nature.
    2. Wildlife
    Animal lovers will enjoy their trip to Zimbabwe because the country has two major national wildlife refuges. Mana Pools, one of the country’s most popular parks, is the location for the Zambezi River and over 350 different plant and animal species, according to the park’s website. If you travel to Mana Pools, you may even get to see Big Five animals, like elephants, lions, buffalo, leopards and rhinoceros. Zimbabwe is also where travelers can find Hwange National Park. This 5,656-square mile reservation also houses Big Five animals, as well as 100 other mammal species.
    3. Culture
    Art and music play a big part in the Zimbabwean culture. The most commonly recognized art from this country is Shona sculpture. These stone sculptures are carved by members of the Shona tribe and are usually meant to depict characters from African folklore. Look out for the figurines of these characters, as they can always be found in local markets!
    Zimbabwe may not be the first place that comes to many travelers minds, but maybe it should be. Travel is about experiencing life to the fullest in an unfamiliar place, and Zimbabwe is rich with opportunities to do just that. From awe-inspiring scenery to unique wildlife to rich culture, this African nation will provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

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