What safety issues should I consider while traveling in Kenya?


What safety issues should I consider while traveling in Kenya?

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  1. Always stay alert when walking or driving through the major cities, especially Nairobi. If possible, always ensure that you have a guide with you when exploring these areas. Nairobi has been nicknamed ‘Nairobbery’ as even daylight muggings in crowded areas are not uncommon.

    Avoid walking after dark and displaying your wealth, including carrying cell phones, MP3’s, laptops and camera’s in full view. The bus from the airport to downtown is a well known target for pickpockets. Women travelers should avoid traveling alone.

    The North of Kenya has a reputation for lawlessness, becoming more dangerous the closer you get to the Sudanese, Ethiopian and Somali borders. Armed robberies and abductions by bandits on the roads are frequent in these areas. If possible, avoid travelling to these areas. The towns of Lodwar, Lokichokio and Moyale are best avoided by tourists.


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