What Should I expect on Botswana Safari?


What Should I expect on Botswana Safari?

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  1. Whether in the wide expanses of the Kalahari Desert and the Makgadikgadi Pans or among a network of channels and lagoons in the Okavango Delta Botswana, the scenery is distinctive.
    The pace of safari is gentler, with time spent slowing down and enjoying the smaller details. Wildlife sightings may not be as frequent as on a South African safari or in East Africa but they are more exclusive, most often only shared with those on your safari vehicle.
    Botswana is an exclusive safari destination and tourism is strictly regulated. As a result, prices may appear higher than elsewhere in Africa, but the experience is unfailingly of a high quality, most often in very remote and untouched parts of the country.
    The most beautiful destinations in Botswana can only be reached by light aircraft, which also influences the cost of your safari, although it adds to the experience.
    Camps and lodges in the Okavango Delta are generally situated on private concessions. This means that guests are able to participate in a wider range of activities, including game drives, nature walks, boating excursions or trips in traditional canoes known as mokoro.
    In areas where lodges can be easily accessed by land game drives can continue after dark, providing a glimpse of the nocturnal activities of Botswana’s wildlife.
    Lodges in the more remote areas of Botswana do not have electricity and rely on generator power for lighting and refrigeration. Generators may often be switched off at night, which means that air conditioning may not function during this time.
    Should you have any medical requirements that call for a 24-hour electricity supply, most lodges will be able to oblige, with the exception of some tented camps or mobile operations.

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