What to do in Gcwihaba Caves?


What to do in Gcwihaba Caves in Botswana?

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  1. You can do the following activities in Gcwihaba Caves Botswana:

    • Visit Moremi Gorge
    • View the world’s largest salt pan at Makgadikgadi
    • Enjoy horseback riding safaris through the Delta
    • Go wildlife viewing on a mokoro
    • Explore the Gcwihaba Caverns
    • Enjoy sailing, water sports and fishing at the Letsibogo Dam
    • Enjoy elephant-back rides at Abu Camp
    • See the Royal Khama Residence and Graves at Serowe Village
    • View the Rock Art Site of the San at Manayana
    • Explore the stone wall ruins at Shoshong Hills
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