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I’m travelling in Africa this winter and we’ll stay in Karatu for Christmas. Or rather we’ll arrive at Christmas eve ( African roads permitting ) and stay a few days.

I’m travelling in a big group but most of the people I travel with is probably going to visit Ngorongoro. Since I’ve already been there a few years back I thought I’d do something different this time.

So what to do when you have a day in Karatu ?

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  1. The busy downtown of Karatu is a mix of old and new with safari vehicles, local buses, and brightly colored  tuk-tuks riding alongside Maasai herders and ox-carts, while just outside town cultivated Iraqw farms and villages merge into the green vegetation of the Ngorongoro Forest. If you do an Internet search for top things to do in Karatu Tanzania, you may end up with the erroneous impression that there is nothing to do in this town.

    In addition to enjoying some of the peaceful countryside outside of town, we explored the town’s marketplace, visited a local brewery, learned about the local brickmaking industry, walked through a coffee farm, took a guided walk through the Ngorongoro Forest in search of waterfalls and elephants caves, and visited an Iraqw homestead.

    Whether you are looking for cultural tours, hiking and biking opportunities, a chance to enjoy a slice of peaceful rural Tanzania, or simply a break from the dusty safari game drives, we think you should consider a stop in this underrated town. Here is our list of the top 10 things to do in Karatu Tanzania based on our visit.


    Top 10 Things to Do in Karatu Tanzania
    • #1. Take a Karatu Town Tour.
    • #2. Drink the Local Coffee.
    • #3. Visit a Local Brewery.
    • #4. Volunteer your Time to a Worthy Project.
    • #5. Explore the Karatu Iraq Market.
    • #6. Learn about the Iraq culture.
    • #7. Search for Elephant Caves and Waterfalls in the Ngorongoro Forest Highlands.
    • #8. Hike or Bike in the Countryside.


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