What to do in Kisumu County?


What to do in Kisumu County?

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  1. Below are the top 10 Kisumu Kenya attractions that will excite you whenever you visit Kisumu County.

    1.      Ndele Island National Park

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    Located in the heart of Lake Victoria, Ndele Island National Park is a haven for dozens of bird species. It is covered mainly by grassland and offers breathtaking scenic views of the Mageta Island to the east, the glimpses of Kampala to the southwest, and the Homa Hills to the south.
    The lake-shore supports hundreds of animals including Nile Crocodiles, Monitor Lizards, Snakes, Hippos, Impalas, Baboons, Several Fish Species, Waterbucks, Zebras, Warthogs, and the rare Sitatunga Antelopes. Additionally, over 100 bird species can also be viewed here including Grey Headed Kingfishers, African Fish Eagles, and Black Headed Gonoleks.

    2.     Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

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    Situated on the shore of Lake Victoria, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a wonderful, relaxing place to experience the natural beauty of the city. The sanctuary hosts the rare Sitatunga Antelopes, Impalas, Big Cats, Giraffes, Buffalos, several Primate Species, and Cheetahs.
    Also, the sanctuary is home for 5 campsites all with amazing views of Lake Victoria. Nature walks, glass-bottomed boat rides, and bird watching compliment the activities offered at the sanctuary.

    3.     Kisumu Museum

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    Kisumu Museum is situated in Kisumu City along the Kericho-Kisumu highway. Opened in 1980, the museum disseminates and stores information on scientific and cultural issues with an emphasis on Kisumu County and the neighboring areas (former western Kenya). Exhibits include western Kenya cultural history.
    The primary features of the museum include a wide collection of fauna and flora species. The main notable animals include amphibians and reptiles, collected from western Kenya. You also get to experience a traditional Luo homestead as well as other traditional artifacts from this community.
    Kisumu museum is also a great destination for workshop and seminars both local and international. Attached to the museum are a few monuments and sites of historical importance including Rusinga Islands, Fort Tenan, Thimlich Ohinga, and Songhor.

    4.     Boat Trips on Lake Victoria

    Setting out in a boat or canoe early in the morning is the best way to experience the lake and contrary to other places, there are no entry fees. The bird species exceeds 100 and also, there are Giant Otters and monitor Lizards along the lakeshore – remember to bring a pair of binoculars and your camera.
    At Kisumu Beach Resort and Kiboko Bay Resort, you can hire a motorized boat and they also facilitate fishing trips and a visit to Ndere Island National Park. The other, depending on your negotiating skills, and also the cheaper option is to book a canoe trip via local fishermen/villagers in Kisumu, Dunga, Hippo Point, or other areas along the beaches though you should know that they are small boats.
    At dawn, the lake is usually calm, but in the afternoon, the wind picks up making it impossible to sail. It is not worth taking the risk. In fact, many people have drowned because of sailing when the lake is rough. Also, ensure that your guide has brought safety vest before your venture into the lake. It is also a good idea to carry a hat and sunscreen because you will be exposed to the sun throughout (no shade in the boats).

    5.     Town Clock

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    On the main street of Kisumu Town, Oginga Odinga Road, a tall clock stands in the center of the road. It was unveiled in 1938 by the then Commander-in-chief and governor of Kenya HE Chief Marshall Sir Robert Brooke Popham.
    The Town Clock was erected in memory of Kassim Lakha who came to East Africa in 1871 and died in Uganda in 1910. It was built by his sons Rahimtulla, Hassan, Alibhai, and Mohamed Kassim, as the writing on the clock reads.

    6.     Dunga Beach and Wetlands

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    Dunga Beach and Wetlands is famous for its exclusive eco-cultural attraction due to its culturally rich and biodiversity as well as diverse papyrus wetland ecosystem and community respectively.
    The aim of Dunga Beach and Wetlands is to empower the local community and improve the security of this region. There are a lot of activities that you can engage in at Dunga.

    7.     Hippo Point

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    Hippo Point is a six-hundred-acre open viewing land on Lake Victoria. It is well known as a viewing area for its clear sunsets over the lake as opposed to the occasional hippos.
    The place in near Dunga, a few kilometers southwest of Kisumu City. The area also features a camping site as well as a fishing port. While at Hippo point, you can enjoy a boat ride as you view the birds and hippos in their natural surroundings. You can go out fishing as you enjoy the amazing scenery of the city straight from the waters.
    Hippo point is quite popular during the holidays and weekends, when foe, friends, and merry-makers gather here for the sunset or simply to meet with pals. It is the ideal getaway in Kisumu.

    8.     Kit Mikayi

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    Kit Mikayi, a large Tor (Rock) with 3 rocks on top, is located about 1km from the Kisumu-Bondo road and about 29km west of Kisumu. It stands tall above other neighboring rocks in Kangeso area. The 70-80 feet rock is also a crying rock. It resembles a lady with a load on her back.
    It is a site with lots of myths and stories about the rock and you will be amazed to hear these stories and even get a chance to visit the nearby caves. They are often used as worshiping sites of the Legio Maria.
    Climb the rock and view the magnificent view of Kisumu City, Kisumu International Airport, Rolling Plains, and Lake Victoria. You can also get here and set a picnic camp too or even play soccer matches with the local community at the nearby school, Kit Mikayi Primary School.

    9.     Kiboko Bay Resort

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    Located on the beach of the beautiful Lake Victoria, Kiboko Bay Resort is a walking distance from Dunga Fishing Village, the Impala Park, and the high street. The resort has been regularly rated as one of the best resorts in Kisumu, giving you the luxury of embracing the tour feel of an African Safari in absolute comfort.
    Once a quarry harvesting sandy soil and rocks from the lake, the resort is now a welcoming site for both leisure and business travelers. The superb lakeside setting is an ideal getaway for overworked corporate workers to relax and romantic tourists to enjoy their honeymoon.
    Kiboko Resort is rich in amazing natural and charming attractions. For some visitors, the mare attraction of the lake is what gives it an edge over other Kisumu Kenya Beach attractions. For others, it’s the beautiful bird life while others love to take a boat ride through the waters of Lake Victoria. There is no better place to watch the beautiful sunsets and the shimmering sweet waters like this resort.

    10. Fishing Expedition and Kayaking

    Lake Victoria is the ideal destination for both novice and experienced kayakers and anglers. Perhaps you would fancy a weekend or holiday camping on the Beach of Mfangano Island and spend your time sport-fishing for Nile Perch?
    Or wish to accompany the fishermen for the superb sight of night-fishing off the beautiful Rusinga Island – moving up and down under the moonlight among thousands of paraffin lamps on an inky and black lake while the fishermen pull in their nets of Omena Fish attracted to Lake Victoria’s flies. You can also enjoy Kayaking, if that’s your thing.

    11.  Lake Victoria

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    At Kenya’s former western province lies the beautiful Lake Victoria. This huge lake is twice the size of Wales and creates a natural boundary between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The lake is the engine of the African continent, the origin of the amazing Nile River.
    This huge body of water is full of fish, with shimmering shoals of beautiful cichlids as well as large Nile Perch. Fishing brings lots of people to this lake, primarily to search for Nile Perch, which is a world-class game.

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