What to do in Namaqua National Park?


What to do in Namaqua National Park?

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  1. Namaqualand is synonymous with flowers. After the annual winter rains, the usually dry and arid Namaqualand transforms into a magical wonderland as a mass of flowers blossom. Carpets of orange, yellow and purple flowers cover the expanse.
    The blossoms are the main attraction of the park, and the most popular activity is walking or driving around with a “Wow” erupting every couple of minutes. The circular drive is great for flower viewing and also offers a couple of scenic viewpoints along the way.
    If you prefer to walk, the Silver Sands Trail is for you, and hikers are treated to both oceanic and floral views.
    The park offers a multitude of other attractions and activities, however. The area is well-known for its excellent mountain biking terrain and birding opportunities.  Guests can also drive through the park in search of the unique animals that reside in the area, the speckled padloper (the world’s smallest tortoise) and the angulate tortoise are endemic to the area.
    The local meerkat family and dassies are always guest favorites. Various 4×4 eco-routes can be undertaken, and are the best way to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Opportunities for landscape and wildlife photographers and cinematographers are endless.

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