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Besides safaris (which must be done with a guide), which sights and activities could we do on our own and you recommend? I mean with public transport or taxis.For example: visiting local villages; easy and safe walks; plantations; markets; Kondoa rock paintings; museums, etc.

I am planning a 3-week tour with gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda, the northern circuit and a 5/6 days in Zanzibar.

I still don’t know if we will fly between the three main places or travel overland (and oversea :-)).

If overland, which stops do you recommend?


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  1. There’s a lot to see. If you are flexible, have plenty of time and are ready to go local there’re many places you can visit on your own.

    Have you considered language and cultural norms? Even though English is widely spoken, a local can help a lot in getting you around. Also public transport is shared and you must know where to drop off – often little or no signage to some places. And not everyone on the public transport or taxi knows the places or attractions you want to go to.

    Zanzibar does not need any further description.

    Kilwa Masoko, south of Dar, has a beautiful half-moon shaped beach, the island of §Kilwa Kisiwani nearby keeps the ruins of the 1st Arab settlement outh of the Equator.

    Bagamoyo, north of Dar is another Swahili trading post.

    Further North, the sleepy town of Pangani has some ruins of a glorious past. South of the town, Ushongo beach offers miles of pristine sandy beach.

    Going inland, the Usambara mountains are rich in endemic species, orchids and rugged landscapes, perfect for hiking.

    All these places are reachable by public transport.

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