What to pack for safari in kenya in july?


What to pack for safari in Kenya in July?

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  1. Safari Clothing Packing List

    Whether you’re on the road for one week or two, or six, like Jenn, this clothing list for both men and women will keep you covered. Keep in mind that you are likely to be doing some hand-washing of clothing as you go, so choose fabrics that dry quickly.

    1-2 Pair of Pants

    Bring a pair of lightweight pants, or two, like prAna’s Summit Pants if you’re mostly in warmer areas, or something heavier, like DUER’s comfortable, stretchy jeans, if you plan to be traveling in cold regions/times of the year.

    1-2 Pairs of Shorts or Skirts

    Ladies, pack shorts and skirts that are on the longer side to be more culturally appropriate. Short shorts will draw a lot of attention in more conservative areas of East/South Africa. Even men rarely wear them. Skirts should cover your knees.

    4 Shirts

    Bring at least one lightweight, long-sleeve shirt to keep mosquitoes off you at night or layer in colder weather. For your other three, bring a mix of tees and tanks, like a basic but functional merino wool top from Woolly, or Western Rise.

    1 Dress or Nice Shirt

    Ladies, bring a basic and versatile dress that you can easily slip into in the evenings or when in the city. Guys, opt for at least one top that’s less function, more fashion.

    1-2 Jackets or Sweatshirts

    For evenings and cold areas, bring a lightweight sweater, and/or a warm jacket. Down jackets, like those by Uniqlo (for budget travelers) or Columbia and Patagonia (for those with a little more wiggle room) are quality, packs-down-easily options.
    Jenn adds:
    “I kind of messed this up. I packed only one long sleeve merino shirt and a very light-weight running rain/wind jacket. My mom had a packable down jacket, she wore it a lot. I shivered a lot. And I wore that long sleeve in some capacity every day for six weeks. Didn’t wash it because I was afraid it wouldn’t get dry fast enough… thank goodness merino is pretty stink-proof, that’s all I’m sayin’!”

    1 Rain Jacket

    If you’re traveling during rainy season, pack that rain jacket. Again, Columbia and Patagonia are quality brands to check out if you don’t already have one.

    Warm Hat and Scarf

    If you’re traveling in cold areas, you’ll be glad to have it. Even in the early mornings and late evenings near the equatory you will use a scarf. Bring something light weight enough that it can do double duty, warming you up, and cutting through the dust on long drives over bumpy dirt roads.
    If a hat seems overkill, a buff is a good compromise between hat and scarf.

    Brimmed Hat

    Bring something like the guide-recommended Tilley Hemp Hat, to protect your face against sunburn. Personally, I prefer a simple baseball cap, but the experienced have spoken: a floppy hat with a strap is a safari essential.

    Don’t Forget a Nicer Outfit

    By nice, I mean something other than your Patagonia-and-merino-wool ensembles. You’ll want it to wear while in Nairobi or Jo’Burg, in the evenings at dinner, or for any other non-safari excursions you go on. Cities like Nairobi, Cape Town, Jo’Burg, and Dar es Salaam have vibrant food, fashion, and culture scenes you shouldn’t skip.

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