What to see in Gitarama in Rwanda?


What to see in Gitarama in Rwanda?

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  1. What to see in Gitarama:
    Ahazaza Centre:
    Ahazaza Centre is a well known cultural centre in Gitarama, offering a wide range of activities for all age groups, including cinemas for kids. It is located at BP 35 Muhanga Province du Sud in Gitarama.
    Azizi Life Experiences Rwanda:
    Azizi Life Experiences Rwanda is a tour conducted by the local tour operator, in which visitors can feel the rural culture of Rwanda such as traditional construction, cooking and juice making. It would be a memorable experience for overseas tourists.
    Gitarama Regional Stadium:
    The Gitarama Regional Stadium is a multipurpose stadium in Gitarama. Other than sport activities, the stadium is also famous for eye-catching landscape.
    Religious sites in Gitarama:
    Gitarama is home to many pleasant and colorful religious sites that are frequented by both devotes and tourists. The major holy sites are the St. Andrew’s Church, the Muhanga Zion Temple, the St. Andrew’s Pastoral Center and the Kabgayi Minor Basilica.

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