What to see in Kasane?


What to see in Kasane?

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    • Game drives in the Chobe National Park just to the west. It seems like every lodge offers game drives, so there are many to choose from. They typically last three hours to all day. There is a fee to enter the park, which may be included in the game drive fee.
    • Self-drive game drives are also possible. Be sure you have a proper 4×4 vehicle, proper gear, enough water and fuel, and campsite reservations for the park.
    • Chobe river cruises. These are offered by many operators, likely including your lodge. They typically are 3 hours long, from about 3PM – 6PM, through the sunset. Some cruises are in small boats which hold only six people; others are in large double-decker boats. About P320. edit
    • Day trip to Victoria Falls, 70 km away in Zimbabwe and Zambia, are offered by many operators. Expect P400-500 for an unguided trip. Allow an additional visa fee per person (US$30-55/adult depending on citizenship), US$20/person for Victoria Falls park entrance, and further money for lunch, activities, and shopping.

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