What to see on a safari in Burundi?


What to see on a safari in Burundi?

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  1. The Unique Landscapes including: Lake Tanganyika, Karera Water Falls, Germans’ faults, Unexplored Cave of Kayove, Muhweza Hot springs as well as Teza Thea Plantation
    Parks and Protected Areas including: Kibira National Parc and Ruvubu National Parc
    Cultural Tourism that includes: Gishora Sacred Drum, Rubumba Tourist and Cultural Village, Kiganda Treaty, The Intore Warrios, Kirundo and the Agasimbo Acrobatic Dancers, Makamba
    Monuments plus Museums such as the Source of the Nile, Livingstone Rock, Vugizo Historical Monument, Gitega National Museum as well as the Bujumbura Live Museum
    Leisure Activities including: Bird Watching around Lake Rwihinda and Water Sports on Lake Tanganyika

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