What Toiletries to Pack for Safari and Beach?


What Toiletries to Pack for Safari and Beach? all the toiletries and makeup you need for safari and a beach trip pre/post safari

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  1. Here is a full checklist for all of the toiletries you should bring for your safari and beach trip:

    face wash: comes in the belif set linked above or get a different travel sized option

    body wash: though our safari camp provided this (most probably will)

    shampoo & conditioner: if you don’t want to use what the camp provides and some camps may not provide at all

    beach wave spray: i don’t recommend bringing a hairdryer and a lot of camps won’t have them/don’t have the kind of energy needed to support using them, so this is a great product for a semi-styled look when you air dry your hair (my favorite is linked below)

    leave in conditioner: if your hair tangles easily (my favorite is linked below)

    face sunscreen: for my face lotion, i use josie maran argan daily moisturizer with spf. it’s super hydrating and provides good sun protection. for my melasma areas (hyperpigmentation) i have to use something with zinc (regular spf does not protect melasma prone areas). a good zinc sunscreen stick is my go to for this, see my faves below.

    deodorant: i recommend a natural brand that doesn’t use aluminum

    body sunscreen: i love supergoop and this is a handy travel size

    body lotion: although our camp did provide this

    face oil / hyaluronic acid: a face oil or hyaluronic acid treatment are both great options to bring for extra hydration since it is so dry there. i’ve linked my top picks for these below. i had a sample size oil that was tiny and the perfect size to bring, but the small size in any of these will work as well.

    serum: (only if you feel like you can’t live without it) i’m obsessed with sunday riley good genes, but i actually didn’t bring it and my face survived, so really up to you. even if you don’t take one with you but you’re looking for a good serum for just everyday, good genes is amazing! also, if you struggle with melasma (hyperpigmentation), definitely recommend murad rapid age spot lightening serum. it’s the only product that works over the counter.

    hydrating face mask: comes in belif set linked above – the water mask in that set is enough for around 10 uses or bring a few sheet masks instead (like the one below).

    eye cream: comes in the belif set linked at the top

    eye drops/artificial tears: my eyes got very irritated from the dryness and wind and dust on the drives

    Makeup wipes: so helpful! never go anywhere without these.

    spf chapstick and/or vaseline: i swear by vaseline

    disinfecting hand wipes: great for the plane and for drives when you eat in the bush and for when you visit the villages to keep you safe from any germs our bodies aren’t used to. this is my number one thing you really should bring! i brought three packs and used all of them. i went for 14 days.

    hand sanitizer: bring this in addition to the wipes

    kleenex: most camps will have but doesn’t hurt to have a couple of small packs.

    travel first aid kit with all the basics: antiseptic wipes, bandaids (various sizes), pain relief medication, loperamide tablets (aka immodium or pepto etc., definitely need these as malaria pills can cause diarrhea), antihistamine cream, neosporin, tweezers.

    daily medications: bring your daily prescriptions/meds and don’t forget any medications you were prescribed for immunizations, etc.

    bug spray: we brought deet but only sprayed it on our clothes

    hair brush: the wet brush is a great option since you probably won’t be able to dry your hair!

    razor: or you can always opt to not bring one for the trip, but you might want it for when you’re at the beach

    here is a full list of the makeup you should bring on safari

    and beach trip:

    note: you could really go with no makeup at all the whole trip if you want!

    cover upyou don’t really need full on foundation unless you feel like you can’t go without it. otherwise, i recommend a tinted moisturizer or handy powder brush tool with spf. i think i used my tinted moisturizer once or twice the whole trip, so definitely not a must bring if you feel like just being makeup free!

    concealer: again, only if you feel like you need this, but safari is very low key for makeup, so feel free to be makeup free.

    multiple stick: i seriously swear by nars, the multiple stick. it’s super handy, easy to travel with, and no brush needed (you can use it for blush/bronzer, eyeshadow, and lip tint). don’t be turned off by the image below, there are lots of pretty shades. i use south beach (good for olive tones). orgasm is the best selling shade of all time (good for almost all skin tones).

    lip tint: if you feel like jazzing up your look for dinner at camp or dinner on the beach (the multiple stick could also suffice for this) definitely not needed for the day. this dior option is one of my favorite products and is super hydrating.


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