What will you find in the Linyanti Wetlands?


What will you find in the Linyanti Wetlands?

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  1. Linyanyti is at a scenic crossroads, blending the thick woodland of Chobe with the sweeping swampy floodplains of the Okavango. Thousands of elephants rumble through the trees while vast herds of red lechwe and sable antelope are scattered across the plains.
    This is a destination that keeps all your senses tuned in and you regularly hear hippos and lions from the camp, their throaty calls breaking an atmosphere of serenity.
    We’ve found that a Linyanti safari isn’t just about seeing the animals, it’s about admiring them from many different angles. Cruise in a traditional mokoro canoe or in a motorboat, game drive during the day or night, take a walking safari with bushman guides, or watch it all from the camp.

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