What would a person visiting Zimbabwe see?


What would a person visiting Zimbabwe see?

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  1. The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Zimbabwe:

    Zimbabwe at face value is a small nation, which has its knees buckling under the weight of an economic crisis. At a deeper look however, Zimbabwe boasts of numerous tourist attractions, and is filled with beautiful natural sights and wonders that often get massive attention from local and international tourists. This brand of rogue beauty is the first thing you must experience if ever in Zimbabwe.

    “Mana” meaning four in one of the country’s main language Shona, signifies the four pools that are in one of Zimbabwe’s most, wild and remote parks. The pools are a result of the Zambezi River which left in its wake oxbow lakes that have been responsible for the thriving and multiplying of scores of varying wildlife. The pool named long pool is the largest of the four pools that are in the area. This pool houses large numbers of crocodile and hippos, and is popular with herds of elephants that come for an occasional bath and drink. On an unmanned game walk which the pools offer (a rare treat in Zimbabwe) one is bound to catch a glimpse of either a large herbivore like the zebra or the elephant, and rarely a lion or a cheetah. With a continuous trek into the forest one will come across the Zambezi River which marks the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is at this point one has the opportunity to see the great giant that is responsible for the Victoria Falls and feeds the famous lake Kariba.

    The Chilojo cliffs are situated within the great Gonarezhou National Park. They were created as a result of a long natural process involving water and wind erosion, which occurs over innumerable years. Even though the cliffs are found in the park which is the main attraction, they are a wonder to behold. The red coloured cliffs which offer a view of the Runde River are bound to draw the attention of any tourist.

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