What’s the best way for me to take money with me?


What’s the best way for me to take money with me?

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  1. Traveler’s Checks are not a good idea, as exchange rate is terrible; but also difficult to find place to exchange. If you want to have these “in case of emergency” they should be in your home currency, so they can be deposited in the back when you return home.

    Otherwise, USD are widely accepted for tips in both countries. However, it’s a good idea on arrival at each to obtain some local currency – Kenyan (KSH) or Tanzanian (TSH) Shillings, for small purchases at roadside souvenir stands. There are ATMs in Nairobi and in Kilimanjaro and/or Arusha.
    If you do get local currency, do your utmost to use all before departing as often difficult to re-exchange and you lose again in this process. Remaining local funds can be used for tips.
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    Credit cards can be used, but know that many hotels, lodges and/or camps will assess a fee for their use. This can be 5% or higher over what you’re paying. Therefore, if you wish to use plastic, ask beforehand.

    Otherwise, take cash based on what you expect to need for tips, souvenirs, beverages (often not included in daily room/tent rate), meals not included; of course, for your Visas if you didn’t purchase beforehand.

    USD notes should be no older than 2005, in good condition not folded, torn, stapled, taped, etc. With new larger faces ($5s, 10s, 20s, 50s… the $1s haven’t been changed). Keep money, credit card/s, passports, airline tickets with you at all times, unless you decide to use hotel/lodge/camps safes.
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