When is the best time to go on safari in Kenya?


I am planning a tour to Kenya in two years, I have enough time and so I want to make the most out of it, for that case I would like to kno; When is the best time to go on safari in Kenya?

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  1. There really is no “right” answer because anytime is a good time to visit! Since Kenya is located on the equator, it is considered a “year-round destination.” It really depends on you and what you prefer.

    For instance, January-March are the “hot” months. During this time, animals tend to congregate around the watering holes, which provides an excellent view of the wildlife.

    April and May comprise Kenya’s rainy season—and some camps close in May when the rains are at their height. But even though there is a good amount of rain, it’s usually at its heaviest at night, so there are always some sunny days!

    June is a beautiful month to visit as the vegetation is lush after the weeks of heavy rain. Many animals are having their young during this time, which would be an incredible scene to witness!

    July and August are actually the cool months in Kenya. They are a fantastic time to go on safari if you are interested in seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration, but be aware that this can also be a very crowded time inside the Mara Reserve with many more tourist visitors.

    September and October have wonderful weather and wildlife viewing, before a shorter rainy season begins again in November and December.

    Truly, it depends on your schedule and what type of animal-viewing you prefer. But no matter when you choose, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime!

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