When is the best time to travel to Africa to view wildlife?


When is the best time to travel to Africa to view wildlife?

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  1. Wildlife viewing is, in part, predicated on the amount of surface water available. During the rains (November through May) wildlife is scattered as there is abundant surface water (puddles, perennial rivers) to drink.

    Once the rains end (mid June) wildlife congregates around remaining surface water supplies (pools, lakes, and large rivers).

    Please note that travel during East Africa’s “green season”, November through May, does have some advantages. The bush will be lush and green and many wildlife species will have newborn in tow.

    Dust, which can be a nuisance during the dry season, is greatly reduced and nighttime temperatures are milder than during the dry months.

    For those interested in Gorilla Trekking Safari, there are fewer travelers and so gorilla permits are on a discount and chances of getting availability is much higher or almost guaranteed.

    In east Africa, safaris are best enjoyed during the periods mid December through the beginning of March and during the period June through end of October each year.


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