When is the best time to visit the Kruger National Park?


 When is the best time to visit the Kruger National Park?

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  1. Lucky for you, Kruger is a year-round destination and deciding what time of year to visit depends entirely on what you want to see. The summer months are warm and rainy, washing the bushveld in colour and making it a superb time to enjoy bird-spotting.

    Animals may be a little trickier to see around this time because of denser foliage, but many of the lodges have a tracker who can do the job for you. A lot of animals are born in summer, too, which means you’ll get to see adorable newborn critters tottering around the veld.

    In winter, the temperatures drop in the morning and evening, but the days remain temperate. This is also the dry season, which means the foliage has thinned and water is more scarce, encouraging Kruger’s wildlife population to clamor around water sources, making for superb game viewing opportunities.

    The changing seasons also make for great sightings. Autumn sees the green vegetation thinning slightly, while the rutting season begins and thunder storms become frequent – an electrifying experience to be sure. Spring is often the height of the dry season, ensuring excellent visibility whilst on safari.

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