When to Go on a Safari in Burundi?


When to Go on a Safari in Burundi?

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  1. Burundi’s climate differs more based upon the region you visit in the country than on the specific season.
    During the entire hot plus humid lowlands, in Burundi’s southwestern area, average temperatures are 86 degrees Fahrenheit; within the hilly north, temperatures are reduced, hanging at approximately 68 degrees. It’s helpful to know that this country experiences 2 wet seasons; February to May as well as September to November.
    A hot tropical climate is experienced close to Lake Tanganyika as well as within the Ruzizi River plain. Most commonly it is windy around the lake.
    The remainder of the country is moderate and pleasant. The country has 2 rainy seasons – the main one starting in February to May, and the other rainy season from September to November, plus 2 dry seasons: the lengthy one from June to August and then the shorter dry season starting in December to end of January.

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