When to go to Katavi National Park I Tanzania Safari


When to go to Katavi National Park in Tanzania?

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  1. Katavi is a classic dry-country reserve. During the Wet season, from November to April, the wildlife disperses into the woodland and wildlife viewing becomes a challenge.
    The heat and humidity is oppressive in the Wet season. During the Dry season, the Katuma River is reduced to a narrow stream, and the floodplains become a magnet for wildlife.

  2. Like the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, Katavi is a classic dry season park with the game viewing getting progressively better towards the end of the year. As the water holes and rivers dry up, game moves down from the surrounding hills and congregates around the remaining river system – now the viewing gets seriously good.   July to October is absolutely peak season for Katavi but more and more travellers are trying Katavi out of season, if only to have the park completely to themselves!

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