Where else should I go during the calving season?


Where else should I go during the calving season in Tanzania?

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  1. If you want to keep it local but would like a complete contrast to the Serengeti and Ndutu, then Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park is a good choice.
    It’s not high season over January, February and March and there will be some rain but the landscape is beautifully green, there will be very few other visitors and the wildlife very different to the migration experience.
    Still, in Tanzania, the best and most easily accessible beach destination is Zanzibar. January through March is a great time to visit the “Spice Island”. The days are warm and sunny and the Indian Ocean is at its clearest, making it an excellent time for divers and snorkelers.
    For a wildlife experience equal in drama to the calving season, gorilla trekking in the equatorial forests of Uganda and Rwanda brings you face to face with a family of one of the world’s largest and most endangered primates.

    Gorilla trekking is ideal in January, February and March. These months make up one of the region’s two dry seasons and conditions in the rain forest are at their easiest.

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