Where is closest to stay for the crater?


Where is closest to stay for the crater?

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  1. At least five lodges and maybe one or two camps are located on the crater rim. The first lodge from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area gate is Rhino Lodge near the crater overlook.
    It doesn’t offer a view into the crater being on the other side of the rim. At the overlook if one turns right the Sopa Lodge is some eleven or so miles away.
    If one bears to the left at the overlook the Crater Serena, and two other lodges are located. Don’t have my map right handy so I can not tell you distance. I believe the one tented camp is closer to the Sopa.
    If one is approaching the crater from the Serengeti then the Serena would be the closest rim lodge and the Sopa would be the furthest. A good guide book should have a map showing these lodges.

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