Where to go for a 2-day trip?


I’ll be in Entebbe for a long week of meetings in mid-November and would like to add on a couple days to visit the area with a friend. We have both lived years in (mostly West) Africa, and have both been on safaris in the past. Looking over the travel forums, I don’t see much to do with less than 3+ days (that seem to involve a lot of travel), except for day trips.

Any advice? – what is really worth doing with maybe one or at most two nights spent outside of the city (but not with a great deal of time on the road)? All I can see is Sesse Islands – is that our best option? Thanks!

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  1. There are a number of options as many have mentioned above, but in case you want to see Chimpanzees without heading to Kibale National Park, you could take a speed boat to Ngamba Island, a Sanctuary for orphaned Chimpanzees, it can be a one day excursion. Or head to Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa district via Jinja. Travel from Entebbe head to Kapchorwa engage with the community (nature walks), the next day visit the 3 series of the falls and drive back to Entebbe on the same day. It’s thrilling!

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