Where to layover in Amsterdam?


I want to organize a layover in Amsterdam. Where should I stay?

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  1. Regarding the question of where to stay in Amsterdam, we highly recommend the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, which is inside the Amsterdam Airport. It’s great because it’s actually inside the terminal so you can walk there with your luggage (only about a 10-minute walk inside the terminal after you clear customs).
    Plus, it’s a 5-min- ute walk from the train station, which has direct trains to Amsterdam Centre for all the shops and museums. is train ride is only about 20-minutes. Accordingly, as soon as you get o the plane you have an easy walk to the Sheraton to check in and relax. en, you can take a train to Amsterdam Centre and go see the sights.
    The best part is that the next morning when you leave you don’t have to stress about getting to the airport because your hotel is actually inside the airport! Visit this link for more information about the hotel: Starwood Hotels
    Some of the ight connections from the U.S. to Kilimanjaro on KLM Airlines may have signi cant layovers (2 – 6 hours) in the Amsterdam airport before the connecting ight. Accordingly, you may wish to con- sider this great little hotel which is located inside customs on the transit side of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Mercure Hotel

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