Where to stay in Gishwati Mukura?


Where to stay in Gishwati Mukura?

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  1. Since the park is still fairly new, you will find just one lodge in Gishwati-Mukura National Park, which is scheduled to open soon. Like the sister property of Bisate Lodge, near Volcanoes National Park, the awaited Gishwati Lodge will provide like-minded vacationers an offbeat, adventurous place to stay. The lodge will have just 6 rustic cottages and accommodate up to 12 guests in total.
    Its presence will add the new reserve to the list of eco-tourism destinations in Rwanda. You can use the forest lodge as a base to view beautiful rare primates, such as the eastern chimpanzees and golden monkeys, in their natural habitat, as well as the red river hog, southern tree hyrax, black front duiker, and a wide selection of avian fauna including wood hoopoes, warblers, eagles, and many others.
    Proceeds generated by visitors to the park will be allocated toward further development of the woodland wilderness, with a particular focus on creating the vital corridor linking Gishwati-Mukura to other conservation areas, and the preservation and population growth of the eastern chimpanzees of the park.

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