Where to stay in/near Hluhluwe-Imfolozi GR?


Where to stay in/near Hluhluwe-Imfolozi GR?

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  1. Hilltop camp inside HiP is very nice. Good restaurant, excellent views, well equipped chalets. We didn’t self cater but booked a self catering view chalet. I wouldn’t call it upscale, but no accommodations inside any of the parks are.
    I never stay outside the parks. Why? Because I like to sleep in the bush, like to be able to be in the parks from dawn to dusk and not have to exit at gate closing, want the option of morning and night drives.
    The game viewing is “better” in the iMfolozi (south) half of the park in my view. The bush isn’t as thick and we had great sightings. Great elephants in Hluhluwe. We like the park.
    I certainly hope this input was not more than you sought since it’s all sorted. I’d add more but don’t want to go outside your issues.

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