Where to stay in Swakopmund?


Where to stay in Swakopmund?

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    Currently, Swakopmund doesn’t have any big western chain hotels like Marriott or Hilton. The closest the city gets to a mainstream hotel is the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre, which has several hundred rooms, a pool, a casino and a few restaurants. Unsurprisingly, the hotel also charges western rates.

    The rest of the city consists of a series of boutique hotels and guest houses, and it may take some legwork to research the ideal lodging to suit your needs. Most important in your search, however, is the location of the property that you pick.

    Many of the guest houses in Swakopmund lie on the outskirts of town in sprawling suburbs, or on obscure side streets. The majority of these are not walkable from the downtown area, so if you’re planning on strolling to dinner or staying out late, getting home can be a challenge. While taxis do run through the night, they can be scarce.

    Of all guesthouses within walkable distance to the city, Meike’s is the best: it’s not only excellently priced at 800 Namibian dollars per night, but it’s also quite cozy and extremely hospitable.

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