Which Kilimanjaro route is best?


I’m a little torn choosing between the different routes. I’ve heard that Machame is the most popular. But any advice or share of experiences would be enormously.

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    I have been fortunate to climb Kilimanjaro 5 times, different routes – and I can say the Lemosho and Machame route are the best for many. These are generally considered the two most beautiful. Machame is by far the most popular of all. My personal favorite was the Lemosho route. Both are breathtaking, but Lemosho was less crowded and busy on the trails. It made the climb more peaceful and enjoyable for me.

    However this question also does really depend on what is important to you! There are a few key factors to consider when selecting between the Kilimanjaro routes:

    • #1. Beauty and variety
    • #2. Time spent on the mountain
    • #3. Difficulty and challenge
    • #4. Cost

    Just to conclude; I recommend the 10-day Lemosho route. You’ll be on the mountain for 8 days. It has spectacular views, fewer people, and a more than 90% success rate. 8 or more days is the best amount of time to allow your body to acclimate.

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