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I am planning a trip to the Serengeti in December. I have heard that it is during the short rains season, and I am wondering whether this is a good time to visit. Also, I am hoping to visit the Namiri Plains, would this be a good time to visit for the Great Migration?

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  1. I have been in Serengeti in the month of December more than once, it rain often probably more than past years, but didn’t interfere with our safari.
    We stayed at Tanzania Pure tented Camp in the Rongai area of the park supposed to be central but a bit West (without a compass) but there are not many camps really central heaps of them spread out over a really large area.
    We had a fantastic time and Dec. is a great time to visit. The migration will not be a Namiri Plains in Dec. If there is really heavy rainfall in some areas this area might be difficult to get to. The migration was between Naabi Hill and Olduvai spread out over a really large area, we didn’t stay at Ndutu but wished we had for at least 2 days.
    When we headed to Seronera from Ngorongoro the migration was all around Naabi Hill three days later around the 10-12th Dec. the migration was more towards Olduvai but really spread out, a most amazing sight wildebeest everywhere.
    I would not go to Namiri plains in Dec. for wildebeest but the Olduvai Ndutu area. Also I would be wary of the short rains.

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