Why should I consider volunteering in Tanzania?


Why should I consider volunteering in Tanzania?

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  1. Here’s why volunteering in Tanzania nabbed a spot on our list:

    • Proven results. The best Tanzania volunteer programs have measured results of their impact on African communities. They constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their projects and have tangible proof to back it up!
    • Partnerships with locals. Working together with local communities is a key component of operations. They value the input of natives to best identify what areas need the most volunteer assistance.
    • They carefully analyze each volunteer placement. The better matched a volunteer is with their project, the more effective their work will be. The top volunteer programs in Tanzania evaluate volunteer skills and interests and tailor them to regional needs. This majorly bumps up your chances of having both an awesome sauce volunteer experience and being successful with your project.
    • Raving reviews. You know a volunteer program in Tanzania is killin’ it when 95 percent of their former alumni rate a five star experience!
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