Why Take a Ferry to Zanzibar?


Why Take a Ferry to Zanzibar?

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  1. The journey is scenic, and it places you in direct contact with the elements that define this island world. It’s a truly unique experience to gain this vantage point when arriving, a well-earned crossing.
    Overall, the ferry system in Tanzania is safe and secure, though we only advise travelers to take the high-speed, well-maintained ferry operators.
    We recommend a ferry to clients whose travels home route them through Dar es Salaam. The port is easily accessible from downtown hotels, and this option avoids the 1.5-hour drive to the airport.

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  2. Oftentimes, staying close to the ground—or water—adds more adventure to any experience. Ferry travel can be exhilarating, and, in Tanzania, it will put you in direct contact with seafaring locals. Most high-speed ferries depart to Zanzibar multiple times a day from Dar es Salaam. Here are some numbers:

    • #1. Duration: Two hour
    • #2. Cost: $35/$40/$50/$60 (USD as of November 2018)
    • #3. Comfort: Economy / Business / VIP / Royal
    • #4. Book in Advance? Recommended.

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