Why take a safari in Burundi?


Why take a safari in Burundi?

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  1. The numerous Game Parks plus Nature Reserves throughout Burundi protect a huge selection of animals. Ranging From the impressive ‘Big Five’ to reptiles, warthogs and antelopes. Burundi is habitat to a number of Africa’s wildlife species.
    The focus in Burundi is to offer visitors with a far more close wildlife experience in regions of natural beauty, as well as offer them some freedom to discover by their own terms. This isn’t a place for huge tourism plus convoys of cars or trucks however, walks to discover the bush and also track uncommon species such as black and white rhinos.
    Along with traditional Four wheel drive plus walking safaris, a number of Burundi’s reserves may as well be explored using mountain bike or on horseback. In many reserves tourists are allowed to move around alone, without a guide or even a ranger.
    There are also self catering choices among the accommodation which permit you to control your own ‘safari lodge’ in the wild. There are not several places on the planet where you can go for your own private bike ride and see zebras plus bush bucks on the way, or go on a walk to see giraffes before enjoying a   private bush barbecue.

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