Why Visit the Salenda game reserve?


Why Visit the Salenda game reserve?

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  1. The ultimate in carefree exploration, the canoes carry everything necessary for a comfortable camp, stopping wherever the fancy takes you to spend the night in a fly camp. Feast on fresh meals eaten around a blazing campfire and slip into peaceful slumber beneath a bright blanket of stars.
    Enjoy languid days on the water, stopping to watch wildlife coming down to drink as you glide serenely downstream, or hopping out for a quick exploration whenever an interesting animal or plant catches the guide’s eagle eye.
    Please note that guests paddle their own canoes, so a reasonable amount of fitness is required. Due to water levels, this safari is only available between August and October.

    Why Visit?

    • The Selinda Reserve is one of Africa’s great wildlife reserves. Part of the Great Plains Conservation project, spearheaded by National Geographic photographers and filmmakers Derek and Beverley Joubert.
    • Selinda borders Linyanti to the East and the Kwando reserve to the North.
    • The Selinda Spillway is a usually dry channel that connects the Linyanti river system to the Okavango. On the rare occasion that these channels connect, Selinda springs to life with a game density that is hard to beat anywhere.


    Summer (October – April)
    Min 20°C/69°F Max 30°C/86°F
    Winter (May – September)
    Min 6°C/42°F Max 25°C/78°F

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