Why Visiting Congo for Gorilla?


Why Should I visit Condo to see the Gorillas? what about Rwanda and Uganda?

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  1. It’s true that you can also see mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda. However, doing so in Rwanda will cost you more than triple the price per permit than in Congo.
    Moreover, we have personally been gorilla tracking in both Rwanda and Uganda, and can vouch for the fact that the experience itself is so much more memorable in Congo.
    The fact that tourism in Virunga is still comparatively low means that you will more than likely be able to go tracking in a small group.
    What’s more, the density of the jungle will allow you to enjoy a very close and personal experience with a gorilla family. You are guaranteed to see them, unless you tire of the walking!
    As it’s so much cheaper than in Rwanda, we also suggest going on more than one track so that you can visit two or more different families. This way, there will be a good chance of you spotting the impressive silver backs and adorable babies.

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