Wild Dogs in the Laikaipia area


I am trying to get an idea on the dogs and what camps may have a chance of seeing them. We had to cancel our trip for June 2020. I am planning to go June 2021 and be in the area very late June. I am looking at Segera…we love Wilderness Safaris.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated…planning for 3 nights.


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    The Sosian and Laikipia Wilderness Camp are great options, however, if you are looking at the level of comfort and luxury as Segera, both Sosian and Laikipia Wilderness Camp will fall short on that particular front. Another luxury property you should consider is Ol Jogi.

    Private Concession of approximately 60,000 acres, very high end (although the decor is a bit quirky) and good chances of seeing dogs. In addition, they’ve also got rhino here (Segera does not).

    I too love Wilderness Safaris. If you are looking at the level of their premiere camps and have a high chance of seeing dogs (plus bonus of rhinos), Ol Jogi + Mara Plains (Olare Motorogi in the Mara) + Singita Mara River Tented (Serengeti in Tanzania) will make for a lovely luxury safari circuit in late June/early July.

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