Will an international SIM card work in Botswana?


Will an international SIM card work in Botswana?

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  1. Mobile SIM cards will work anywhere in the world provided that you have an international roaming contract. This will be costly, however. We recommend using a local service provider to reduce roaming costs.

    There are three main service providers in Botswana, all of which offer similar services, with the only difference being the coverage range. You only require a passport to purchase a SIM and there are outlets available everywhere, from retail stores to corner shops.

    Please make sure that you test your new SIM card before leaving the store as some dealers sell fake SIM cards. Finder.com has an extensive breakdown of each mobile service provider’s pros and cons and is worth a read. Find this information here.

    Please note that some remote areas in Botswana have no coverage ranges. Please check with your safari expert to find out whether you will have access to wireless or roaming services at your camp or lodge.


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