Will we be “roughing it” if we stay at a luxury tented camp?


Will we be “roughing it” if we stay at a luxury tented camp?

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  1. Absolutely not! While staying at a luxury tented camp you will enjoy the comfort of a proper room with the sights and sounds of camping – the best of both worlds. Most tented camp rooms consist of very large walk in tents with entry doors. Walls are canvas with large roll up viewing sections.
    Inside you will enjoy a bed (usually 2 twin beds or a king) with pillows and duvets, bedside tables, dressing table, mirror, wardrobe, throw rugs or full carpeting, battery powered (solar) lighting, en suite (attached, in room) shower with hot and cold running water, flush toilet, and basin. Some tents include baths, air conditioning and private plunge pools.
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