Yellow fever vaccine in Stone town


Does anyone know where I can get the Yellow fever vaccine in Stone Town?

I will be going to Uganda about to weeks later then returning to Tanzania and I’ll need the yellow fever vaccine for there.

Another question I have is regarding visa. I will be arriving in Zanzibar and travelling in tanzania for two weeks then flying to Uganda. My return flight home is from Kilimanjaro airport and I’ll only be transiting through there from Uganda with a same day flight in the evening. Will I have to leave the airport at JRO and have to get another visa?

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  1. The only time you would be asked for proof of vaccination is on arrival at the airport or land border. And it is required ONLY if you are coming from a country where yellow fever is considered endemic, and then only if you have spent time in one of those countries, as opposed to having been in transit for 12 hours or fewer.
    There’s a list of yellow fever-endemic countries in Africa at https:/…africa.html.
    Rather get your yellow fever vaccination back home. It doesn’t expire, you are covered for life. Getting a yellow fever vaccination in Stone Town is difficult.

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