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Quick update on Tanzania travel

Quick update on Tanzania travel

This is the report of Tanzania travel during covid-19! Traveling to and around the country has been an incredibly smooth experience . We flew Ethiopian from DC and the transfer in Addis was very smooth. I would recommend doing the evisa as we were asked by the check in staff in DC to show an authorization to enter Tanzania.

In Dar on the jet bridge you are asked to sanitize your hands, hand over a health form, and your temperature is checked one by one. Then you’re good to go to immigration.

generally speaking you are asked to sanitize your hands and your temperature is checked anytime you get into a building or enter a national park.

the whole country feels very safe.

As far as we understand most lodges are closed so the best way to travel is to drive around a land cruiser with a rooftop tent to be autonomous. The roads are brand new and easy to navigate.

I cannot stress enough how empty the country is. We were told by the rangers in Ruaha that we were alone in the park and we may very well be one of 2/3 cars in the Serengeti.

if you’re heading to Tanzania I highly recommend staying at lakeshore lodge in Kipili on the lake. Such a wonderful experience and the owners are fantastic.

I’ll report on the northern circuit and Zanzibar shortly.


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  1. More report: Other National Parks:

    We are now on the last day of our wonderful 2 weekish trip around Tanzania and I wanted to share further thoughts for those considering a trip here this year.

    after lake Tanganyika we went to 3 parks: Katavi, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro; we are now in Zanzibar.

    I cannot stress enough how empty the parks were: we were one of 3 cars in Seronera and one of 2 cars in the crater. We were essentially alone in all campsite.

    the only annoyance is the traffic police. They have some new shiny speed cameras but they are off by about 10kph. We had to take videos of us through every 50kph zone and even then we got stoped and it was difficult to argue.

    flying domestically to Zanzibar was easy: we had to fill an arrival card and another health form.

    we are staying at the Park Hyatt that reopened the night we arrived. The guys are doing a good job with masks, gloves, etc. I do feel for them because it’s impossible to have a real 5* experience with a limited breakfast buffet, no turndown service, and other new rules set by Hyatt. Most of this feels like it’s for show anyway, but all it takes is one travel Karyn to write a bad, “I felt unsafe” review and these guys will get In trouble.

    We are very glad we came here. It’s taken our minds away from COVID and the news cycle. Unlike other travelers who apologize and try to justify themselves for traveling (hum OMAAT hum), I do think more people should turn off CNN/Fox/MSNBC and get out of their basement to realize that no, the world is not on fire and no, you won’t die if you walk around.

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