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Safari Cost to Tanzania

Safari Cost to Tanzania

Safari Cost to Tanzania

Before you decide about your travel is important to have an idea of Safari Cost to Tanzania; Safaris can range widely in cost – depending on how many days, how many people, the level of luxury you’re looking for and many other factors. But we know it always helps to get a ballpark understanding of price.  One of the things that is easy to understand and see the logic part of it is safari Cost…. everything can easily be verified at a fingerprint.

What makes it difficult is that, the negotiation about Safari is just between a Guest and tour operators, nothing else, the guest will only be guided by reviews of the company, and some online information. My intention in this post is to tell you of the important things to consider while negotiating prices with a tour operator.

It is easy to have a picture and truth about the price of your Safari, and do not only have negotiating mind without seeing the realities, because what you pay is what you will get! if you only have a negotiating mind, and get as minimum price as possible without looking at the logical part of it you might get yourself in a lot of disappointment.

The tour operator will guide you in the process, but it is good to have your view, and understanding, some operators will invest much on your experience, whether they close the deal or not, some other operators will give you few impressive options (Cost wise) without giving you all great options for your experience so that they can just close the deal.

For example, I do not see why would someone advice that you do one night Serengeti, and second day do the crater and sleep in Karatu or drive back to Arusha. If you come to Tanzania for a purpose of safari (These excludes the people that come for other things and do safari) then you must make sure you use this opportunity properly to see the best of Tanzania.


Below are the steps to consider while negotiating price with tour operator and chose your itinerary:

  • Have opinion about the itinerary before contacting a tour operator.

It is very important that you have an idea of the itinerary before you contact the operator, you can study some online, ask, or even email us for some advice, there after you can contact the operator and be able to ask him relevant Question.  Get as much information as possible to put yourself in a position to know  exactly what to expect.

  • Have a general idea of price before contacting a tour operator.

It is also good to have an idea of cost, this is important, you can easily know if you are paying too much, or too little also! there are some companies that do not worry much about their reputation, they can accept payment that is not enough and they will surely cut corners, if you pay less than the Market price, expect that they will cut corners and this will affect your experience.

  • You should not aim at minimum price only, consider other factors and realities.

When negotiating, make sure things are logical, your only aim should not be getting as low price as possible! You can do this for real big companies with names, but for average or other companies, just make sure that you know the overview or general price of the tour. And you can ask some few Questions to make sure that the operators knows what they are doing.

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