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Safari Frequently Asked Questions

Safari Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time on safari, you probably have countless questions. To get you started our  experts have assembled a list of frequently asked ones. We have compiled some basic  Safari Frequently Asked Questions that will help you in your booking process.

So many questions in my Mind about Safari and just everything to do with adventure Safari  in Tanzania; especially since the time I have worked as a tour consultant for more than one company! Apart from these Questions I have , we have also received many Questions from other people and that is why are coming with this useful list for our readers. If we’ve missed one, just ask us; we will answer and include in our database.

Below are Basic Tanzania Safari FAQ:

1. What does it mean by Unlimited Game drive?

Most safari packages  should include unlimited game drives with no restriction on mileage or fuel. This gives you  more freedom and flexibility allowing the exploration of more secluded regions for exclusive wildlife viewing. Unlimited Mileage means that you are able to drive for as long as you want within the parks’ operational hours (6am to 6pm), and the designated area for game drives on the given day.

For example: if the itinerary designates Central Serengeti, then you are able to stay within the Central Serengeti region as long as you want, stretching to the borders of Western Serengeti. However, we cannot, for instance, drive from Central Serengeti to the Mara River then back. Some companies quote you for limited game drives with restrictions on mileage and fuel. You wouldn’t make it very far from the main road or have the ability explore the more exclusive areas of the park. With unlimited game drives, you can fully enjoy your safari completely worry-free.

safari frequently asked Questions

2. Are the Drinks Provided in Safari Vehicle?

Every tour operator provide unlimited water throughout the Safari, and most safari Vehicle have a good electrical fridge that can facilitate. Some companies go extra mile and provide unlimited beverages in their  safari vehicle including bottled drinking water, your preferred soft drinks, juice, domestic beer, French-press coffee and tea. And normally vehicles are equipped with a small refrigerator to keep your drinks chilled for you to enjoy during your safari.  But to be on the safe side, you are provide with the travel Journal that says all these things in details.

3. Will there be Wildlife Roaming at the Lodges and Camps?

It is important to never assume that any of the animals encountered on your game drive are tame. Though attacks by wild animals are unusual, nothing in the African wilderness is predictable. While you are staying in your safari lodges and camps, it is important to be especially cautious and aware of your surroundings as many of these areas are not fenced and contain wildlife roaming freely. If you have children with you, keep them in sight and do not let them wander alone. At smaller tented lodges, you will always be escorted to and from your tent for dinner or during the night. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to raise them to the staff or your guide.

Safari Frequently asked Questions

4. What Can I expect on a Typical Safari Day?

This is your safari trip, your adventure! You decide how you want to spend your time on this vacation. If you would like to spend a full day on safari, you are definitely welcomed to do so. Most Tour Operators does not restrict your mileage, fuel or how much time you want to be on safari. While some days you may decide set out by sunrise, other days you can have a slower paced breakfast before start your daily exploration. Simply sit down with your guide to plan your day and meals the night before. Your guide will have plenty of suggestions, but of course the decision is yours.

5. Will the Safari Be dusty?

Dust is no stranger in Tanzania. Dusty conditions get significantly worse during dry season from June to the end of October. Even in green season (December to May), dust can be aggravating during game drives. Please be prepared for dusty roads when traveling in Tanzania, especially between Ngorongoro and Serengeti. If you are particularly sensitive to dust, please advise your driver to close all windows in order to use the air conditioning in the vehicle. Please be aware that electronics such as photography and video equipment may be particularly prone to dust conditions. Keep a few soft photo soft cloths on hand to wipe down dust from the lenses. Be sure to bring a small bag to store your equipment that can be opened and easily accessed. It is important to note that dust may affect contact lens wearers, as a result, be sure to plan accordingly and bring sufficient supply of lens lubricant.

4. What about the roads on Safari?

You will experience bumpy roads when traveling throughout the region and during game drives. This may pose a problem for some individuals with back problems. Please inform us in advance and we can provide additional back pillows for extra comfort. While many vehicles are customized and equipped for rough roads, we still recommend our guests to always fasten their seat belts at all times, and hold on when standing on their seat to enjoy the view through the popped up roof. Please also make sure that your cameras and other electronic equipment are safely stored at all times in case of any damages due to bumpy roads.

5. What about Tipping for our Safari Guides?

Every company has their own Policies on Tipping, please contact the company you travel with! however I am going to give you a general idea of Tip for most Companies. Tipping guideline is 15 to 20 USD per client per day to the driver guide, though it is ultimately up to the clients’ discretion to decide what amount is appropriate.

For instance, for a 7 Days safari with two guests, the average tip that is given to Safari Infinity Driver guides are between 150 USD to 300 USD, or even higher, depending on the clients’ overall satisfaction with their driver guide & their safari experience.When you have a personal cook for mobile camping, the tipping guideline is between 5 to 10 USD per person per day, which is also up to the client’s discretion.The recommended currency for tipping is in USD cash, and it is customary for the clients to tip at the end of their safari.

6. What about Tips in Lodges and Camps?

When it comes to tipping at the safari lodges, camps and hotels in town, our recommended tipping guideline is as follows:

  • -1 to 2 USD (or equivalent of 1,500 to 3,000 TSH) for the porters, who will be helping you with your luggage upon arrival at the tented camps & lodges
  • -10 to 20 USD (or equivalent or 15,000 to 30,000 TSH) for each night stay.

Typically the safari accommodation will have a General Tipping Box at the reception desk, where you can leave your tip at the end of your stay.

7. What if I get injured or Sick during Safari

A reputable and good tour operator must have a policy about this Matter! All guest must have Emergency Evacuation Services with AMREF’s Flying Doctors ( included in cost and itinerary information. This will cover the guests in case they require immediate evacuation from where they are to the hospital (usually in Nairobi).If you are feeling ill, but not having any serious symptoms or injuries, there are nearby hospitals and clinics (in Karatu and Serengeti) for the driver to take you to.​

8. What about Bathroom in the Bush?

Throughout your safari, there are various areas with public bathroom facilities such as ranger stations, museums, visitor centers, camps, lodges and picnic sites. Since you will be on a private safari, there will be plenty of opportunities where no other vehicles are in sight. At any time, your driver-guide can find a safe and private area where you may simply exit to the rear of the vehicle. Two large spare tires at the back of the vehicle, blocking the view from anyone else within the vehicle. Most guests are a bit reluctant at first, but gradually adapt and become with comfortable to the convenient bush bathrooms. Others prefer proper bathroom facilities. Don’t worry, most driver – guides are extremely professional and sympathetic to bathroom dilemmas and will ensure you are comfortable and accommodated to your needs.


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