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Safety Tips For Travelers to Egypt

Safety Tips For Travelers to Egypt

Egypt is a beautiful country that has attracted tourists for thousands of years. It is famous for its ancient sights, its Nile River cruises and its Red Sea resorts. Unfortunately, it has also become synonymous in recent years with political turmoil and increased terrorist activity. The number of people choosing to visit Egypt on vacation fell to an all-time low in 2015, when photos emerged of iconic sights like the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx lying deserted.

Note: Make sure to check the latest news reports and government travel warnings before booking your trip. The security situation in Egypt can change at any time.

Below are some Precautions to take when Travelling to Egypt:

Avoid The Crowds

Pickpockets Find Their Comfort-Zone In The Crowds. Thus, Try To Avoid The Crowd First, But If You Need To Pass Through A Crowded Area, Keep Your Money And Passport In A Safe Pocket. The Labors Strikes Are Rare And Far From The Touristic Sites. In Case You Find A Labor Strike Or Something Like That, Leave The Area Of The Strike.

Do Not Drink Tap Water

Do Not Drink Tap Water In The Public Places Because They May Be Contaminated. It Is Better To Take Your Water Flask With You, Or To Buy A Bottle Of Water From A Kiosk Or A Super Market.

Do Not Eat Street Food

You Cannot Guarantee That The Vendor Follows The Hygiene Safety Rules, So The Food Can Be Contaminated.

Do Not Take Pictures Of Soldiers Or Locals Without Permission

Taking Photos To Soldiers Or Any Military Property Is Banned, So Do Not Put Yourself In A Suspicious Situation. They Might Take Your Camera Or Even Investigate You. Also Taking Photos Of Locals Without Taking Their Permission Is Considered Offensive.

Avoid Going Out After 12:00 Am

It Is Safe To Go Out At Night, Big And Touristic Cities Never Sleep, But It Is Safer Not To Go Out Late At Night Unless You Are Accompanied With A Guide.

Note: If There Is Turmoil In Egypt, It Will Be In Cairo And Sinai Peninsula Except For Sharm El-Shiekh, So You Just Avoid Including Them In Your Itinerary.

The Table Below Shows The Nationwide Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Phone Emergency
122 Emergency Police
123 Ambulance
180 Fire Brigade
126 Tourism Police
120 International Call Services
10 Inter-Government Call Services
140.141 Telephone Directory
144 International Telephone Directory
145 Railway Police
012111000 Public Traffic Admin. For Highway Accidents
115 General Security Services (Criminal Offenses)

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