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Volunteers Placement in Tanzania

Volunteers Placement in Tanzania

What project should you do when you volunteer in Tanzania?! Does your head feel sick of working at your current workplace, is your heart dreaming of going abroad, and is your belly filled with excitement when you think of experiencing a new culture first-hand? You cannot get closer to the local people of a country than by volunteering in a charitable project. In the following, we want to introduce you to the seven most interesting projects in Tanzania.

I would like to lead you through the five most exciting projects in Tanzania. Do you want to work in a hospital, school, or animal shelter? Or in a women’s empowerment project or environmental project? Keep on reading to discover and learn more about volunteering opportunities in this Eastern African nation. And last but not least—let’s get ready for an amazing time in the country of Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar!

Volunteers Programs in Tanzania

Top areas of need in Tanzania:

1. Women Empowerment:

It is a fact that in some parts of the world, women still suffer from patriarchy and discrimination. Although equality should be self-evident and part of the law, they are facing challenges every day of their lives. Women’s empowerment work is one of the most important causes in Tanzania you can work towards. In this project, you get the chance to volunteer with great female personalities, give them a voice, and encourage them to fight for their own rights.

Tanzania is an extremely friendly and welcoming country. The women of the project will welcome you with open hearts and all their hospitality. You will have a wonderful time empowering them and making a crucial impact on their future while at the same time enjoying the stunning nature of Tanzania!

  • Skills needed: It is an advantage if you already have some idea of how you can teach the women in independence and confidence.
  • Suggested program duration: Minimum two weeks

2. Health:

Health is one of the most popular volunteer projects in Tanzania for foreigners. Hospitals and healthcare centers can be really different from what you might know from your home country. As health insurance is not common in Tanzania, the access to health care usually depends on a person’s income. Many people cannot afford any health care which is why they are dependent on the help of the government or volunteer communities.

It can be really interesting for interns and volunteers to experience the health system in a country like Tanzania where resources are limited. Public hospitals in the Arusha region are usually very crowded and health service is poor. By getting involved in the daily routines of the hospitals, the volunteers will not only learn how health clinics work in this country but also gain cultural understanding about the community as a whole. You will gain this first-hand experience while working in different units alongside local doctors and nurses.

  • Skills needed: You should already bring along some experience and skills in health service and caring for others
  • Suggested program duration: One Month.
  • Recommended program: Villages Health Support Organization


Volunteers Programs in Tanzania Volunteers Programs in Tanzania Volunteers Programs in Tanzania


3. Education

Working with children in a kindergarten or primary school in the northern part of Tanzania not only brings you new experiences but also helps the kids build a foundation for education and a better future. In kindergartens and pre-schools, volunteers are often asked to play, read, and sing with the students, as well as teach them basic English and mathematics.

In primary schools they can teach a variety of subjects such as math, science, art, and more. They can either assist teachers or even perform whole lessons in front of their own classes!Education is the most powerful tool through which we can prepare the future leaders of Tanzania.

  • Skills needed: Swahili fluency is not necessary, but a TEFL certificate will help you be an effective volunteer teacher in Tanzania.
  • Suggested program duration: Minimum one month

3. Special Needs

Volunteers can gain an insight into the daily struggles of children with special needs. In Tanzanian society, there are many prejudices against people with disabilities, no matter whether they have physical or mental special needs. And even if the parents or the local community accept these children, there are basically no facilities where these children can get adequate support.

During your stay, you will get to know how children with disabilities live here and get the chance to play with them. You can make a great contribution to their lives by dedicating your time and making them feel loved while you are making new friends as well!

  • Skills needed: The most important thing is to be loving, patient, and caring.
  • Suggested program duration: 3+ months


Tanzania Volunteering Experience

4. Youth Empowerment

Join youth empowerment volunteer projects in Tanzania and have the best time of your life! Work with the youth of the Northern part of Tanzania. Gain different experience by supporting marginalized youth groups—most of them are former street kids.

Whether volunteers work on a farm, teach sewing, English, or life skills, there is a lot to do! Previous volunteers have also taken street kids out for lunch, which was always a great experience for both sides. Take your time and go back to your teenage life, give them the understanding they need, and you will get a lot back from them.

Visit the families of the teenagers, learn about the different culture from the locals of your project, and experience local transportation means such as dala dalas or motorbikes on the way to your work.

  • Skills needed: Caring and patient nature, leadership skills, adaptability, problem-solving, imagination, and creativity.
  • Suggested program duration: Minimum two months

6. Animal welfare

Become a part of an animal shelter project in Tanzania. Work with abandoned cats and dogs, give them a better life, and make them your lifetime friends!

Your daily routine can involve feeding, training and walking the dogs, cleaning their kennels, doing marketing, and fundraising. You may also visit schools and educate children about rabies, animal welfare, and all other related topics.

For those who cannot get enough of animals: you will be also only one step away from the great Arusha National Park!

  • Skills needed: Physical stamina, empathy, research skills, affection for animals, and concern for their welfare.
  • Suggested program duration: Minimum one week

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